10 Innovative Ways to Support Employee Mental Health

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10 Innovative Ways Employers Can Support Employee Mental Health in 2023

In recognition of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, businesses need to step up and reinforce their commitment to the mental well-being of their workforce. While many organisations are already implementing standard measures such as promoting work-life balance and providing mental health resources, there’s a growing need for innovative solutions.

We share 10 research-backed yet lesser-explored methods you can employ to support your teams better.

  1. Implement Regular Mental Health Days: Encourage employees to take scheduled mental health days off – these aren’t sick days but simply days to rejuvenate. Research shows that rest is crucial for mental wellness, productivity, and creativity. #MentalHealthDays #Productivity
  2. Encourage Journaling Practices: Journaling has proven to be an effective tool for processing emotions, improving self-awareness, and reducing stress. Provide employees with high-quality journals and even bring in a journaling expert for a workshop. #Journaling #SelfAwareness
  3. Invest in Nature Therapy: Office environments can sometimes be stressful. Implement biophilic design principles in the office, such as indoor plants, natural light, and even water features. Research shows that exposure to nature can significantly reduce stress and improve mood. #BiophilicDesign #NatureTherapy
  4. Offer Financial Wellness Programs: Financial stress significantly contributes to mental health issues. Consider providing financial education seminars or workshops, or provide access to financial counselling services. #FinancialWellness
  5. Establish Peer Support Programs: Peer support can promote a culture of openness and shared experience. These programs allows employees to support each other in a structured, supportive environment, enhancing emotional well-being. #PeerSupport
  6. Provide Access to Teletherapy: Teletherapy has become more commonplace, offering a convenient way to access mental health support. Consider partnering with a teletherapy provider to provide this service to your employees. #Teletherapy
  7. Host Mindful Meetings: Start team meetings with a few minutes of mindfulness meditation to reduce stress and improve focus. This practice promotes better discussion and decision-making during meetings. #MindfulMeetings
  8. Introduce Pet Therapy: Pet-friendly policies can reduce stress and improve mood if your workplace allows it. Even periodic visits from therapy animals can offer significant mental health benefits! #PetTherapy
  9. Provide Healthy Food Options: Nutrition is linked closely with mental health. Offering nutritious meals or snacks at work can contribute to overall mental wellness. #NutritionAndMentalHealth
  10. Promote Digital Detox: Encourage employees to take short breaks from digital devices throughout the day. Regular intervals away from screens can help reduce mental fatigue and stress. #DigitalDetox

Remember, creating a culture supporting mental health takes time, patience, and continual effort. However, by implementing these innovative strategies, you’ll be taking positive steps toward improving the mental well-being of your team, which in turn, boosts morale, productivity, and employee retention.

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Let’s continue to keep the conversation on mental health open and ongoing. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 

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