Government Work Plan Must Address Indonesian Economic Transformation

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Selasa, 16 Mei 2023 – 18:12 WIB

VIVA – The Indonesian Vice President, Ma’ruf Amin stated that the 2024 Government Work Plan (RKP) must answers how Indonesia can transform its economy, while still paying attention to inclusiveness at every level of society, and also creating sustainable development.

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With the theme ‘Accelerating Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Transformation’ in the 2024 RKP. The vice president hopes that efforts to accelerate economic transformation can later be realized through several sectors that are targeted.

“The acceleration of economic transformation must be encouraged through improving the quality of health and education services, revitalizing industry and strengthening applied research, and strengthening business competitiveness,” the Vice President said at the ‘Indonesia Emas 2045′ event at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

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Wapres KH Maruf Amin di Jambi

Wapres KH Maruf Amin di Jambi

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  • Syarifuddin Nasution (Jambi)

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He added that sustainable development must also be realized by continuing to expand low-carbon development initiatives and energy transition, which are able to respond to the challenges of climate change and maintain economic competitiveness.

Ma’ruf Amin also said: “Meanwhile, inclusive development must be driven through poverty reduction and the elimination of extreme poverty, accelerating basic infrastructure development and connectivity, and accelerating the development of the Capital City of the Archipelago (IKNNusantara).”

Meanwhile, the Vice President also emphasized that achieving the 2024 economic growth target also requires investment from state-owned enterprises and the private sector, in addition to government investment.

Therefore, the ease of investment guaranteed by regulations is very necessary, in order to encourage the involvement of the role of SOEs and the private sector in efforts to achieve the 2024 economic growth target.

“In addition, I think it is necessary to find and utilize new economic opportunities, one of which is the Islamic economy and finance. Where, this sector is included in the carriage of inclusive and sustainable economic transformation,” Amin stated.

“Especially because its principles are inclusive and universal, and prioritize equitable economic growth and development,” he added. 

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